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Are you a manufacturer or distributor looking for a new way to reach retail businesses? OEM Bargain provides an easy solution where when your customers' businesses grows, so will yours!

Why OEM Bargain?

Bulk Specialty

Our top priority is placed on bridging manufacturers directly to retail businesses, so it's no surprise that we emphasize bulk prices.

Affordable Fees

We are all about building easy connections with our vendors, so we've decided to not charge monthly, store or listing fees.

Steady Base

We are on the road to building a stronger community of buyers by offering great prices, product selection, and customer support.

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More is Always Better

Product Specialization

Greater Focus, Greater Loyalty

When there is significant amount of time placed on making a product the best it can be, there will most certainly be appreciation for it. Here at OEM Bargain, vendors will be able to build a loyal following because of the specialized focus, even if it means a limited product offering. In other words: high quality + high quantities = high sales volume!
Building Connections

Offer Unbeatable Prices

We understand the impact that packing and shipping costs have on the business. By providing a method to our vendors to offer tier prices, it will make it easier to offer quantity discounts for those who are willing to buy more in order to save more.
Sell More, Get More

Quantity of Your Choice

Decide how many units you want to sell per lot. That can be 10 crates of apples per lot, or 20 chairs per lot, it's up to you! Once you know the units per lot, then all you need to decide is when the buyers will receive the next tier discount. It's that simple!

Price Per Lot:

Lot(s) Price Per Lot:
1-4 $99.99
5-9 $75.99
10-14 $59.99
15+ $39.99

Vendor Fees

Fees Breakdown
3% Commission 3.5% Payment Processing
6.5% Total Per Transaction
$0.00 Monthly Fees
$0.00 Listing Fees
3% Commission

Low Sales Fee

There is no cost for having your products on our marketplace. That's right! No listing fees, re-listing fees, store fees, or any of those other fees associated with your products. We will only charge the 3% commission fee when you make a sale. Go ahead, list your products immediately!
Payment Processing

Secure Transactions

We process payments through PayPal. With PayPal's renowned security and platform, you can be sure that we'll have you protected. To up keep this payment processing, there will be a 3.5% payment processing fee per transaction. Not much for the comfort of secure transactions!

Here for You

Interconnecting Network

Middle Ground for All to Shine

With the addition of each new vendor, the already existing network of vendors and buyers grows even stronger. With a greater variety of products offered, buyers will have a greater incentive to return and buy related products. As a result? We're creating a network of vendors that will provide products that complement yours and help to expand your customer base.
Live Chat Support

Available, Even If You're Not

We understand that there could be times when you're not available to provide customer service, that's why we offer live chat support! You place your trust on our marketplace by listing your products, and we'll deliver by providing top notch service to your customers when you aren't available.
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What is a "lot" and how do I make sense of it?

Here at OEM Bargain, we emphasize selling in bulk and have created the lots system. A lot is a package that consists of several individual units. The quantity inside each lot varies depending on the product. This system is designed with three key points – helping to minimize operational costs, to maximize the value buyers will get and to provide a purchase quantity that is within reason for both buyers and vendors.

What am I allowed to list?

OEM Bargain is built for the purpose of connecting vendors directly to retail businesses. All originally manufactured products can be considered. If a specific category of products is currently not available for you to list, please contact us, and we will make necessary adjustments to accommodate for the products.

How do fees work?

To sell on OEM Bargain, you can count on NOT having any store fees, monthly fees or listing fees. By choosing to sell on our marketplace, you are simply asked to pay for two fees per transaction: a commission fee and a payment processing fee.

There is a 3% commission fee per transaction, before shipping costs and after applicable discounts. For example, for an order with 10 lots at $10.99 per lot, the subtotal will be $109.90. With no additional shipping services requested or discounts, the commission fee will be $3.30.

Likewise, there is a 3.5% payment processing fee per transaction, used to upkeep payment processing through PayPal services. Following through with the previous example, the payment processing fee will be 3.5% of $109.90, which will be $3.85.

In total, there will be $7.15 billed prior to reimbursement of the remaining funds of $102.75.

When and how will I get paid?

We currently accept payments through PayPal services. Through this secure payment system, funds are directly transferred from the buyer to us. Funds are held and sent to vendors in two-week cycles to ensure both buyers and vendors are protected for the transaction. Thereafter, the appropriate amount will be sent directly to each vendor's PayPal account. For additional questions related to how funds are disbursed, please contact us.

I am interested in becoming a seller and dropshipping products, how do I proceed?

Currently, we are not accepting applications for dropshippers. OEM Bargain focuses on bridging original manufacturers directly to retail businesses. Therefore, we require that sellers are able to fulfill orders directly when orders are placed. To dropship products offered on OEM Bargain, you are not required to submit a seller application. Rather, please directly contact the seller to make necessary arrangements. However, OEM Bargain does not support these services and are not reliable for arrangements made outside of the scope of the marketplace.

How do I begin selling?

Getting started is easy! Simply create an account, and submit a list of products you are interested in selling to us. Once we review your account information and product list, we will get in contact with you again to answer any questions you may have. If you have no questions, you'll be able to start listing and selling immediately once your account has been confirmed.