About Us

We are OEM Bargain, a New York based product sourcing platform that connects the end user to US and oversea manufacturers that sell in wholesale quantities at unbeatable quality and price.

Founded on January 18th, 2015, our mission has been to build a premier platform that offers products ranging from basic business necessities to luxury goods. We believe that everyone deserves to be able to find whatever they may at one location while receiving gold standard products and customer service at the same time. We have incorporated this motto into our daily operation and our team constantly works to update and increase our product offering.

We are not your average wholesaler website!

If you have dealt with other wholesalers before, you may have noticed that most of them don’t show their prices until you subscribe to their website. At OEM Bargain, we strongly believe in price transparency so you will always see the prices of the items available on our website.

All products listed are readily available from a US location

At OEM Bargain, we guarantee that all products listed are already stocked in our warehouse or fulfilled by one of our partner US manufacturers. As a result, the average total lead time is only 3-5 business days if you’re ordering from the US!

We ship internationally

In addition to serving US customers, we also ship to hundreds of cities Canada, Central America, Europe & Australia. Our international shipping quotes are guaranteed to be competitive and our shipping representative will help you identify the best shipping method for your needs.

Real time inventory updates

On each of our listings, we show you exactly how much inventory we have as well as a timer as to when we will be restocking and the quantity that we will be restocking by. We believe that this builds upon our wholesale offering by allowing better order planning, thereby reducing the time required to make a decision and the cost of making a purchase.

Product Categories

We offer the following product categories:

  1. Winter Apparel
  2. Wallets & Money Organizers
  3. Cell Phone Accessories & Charging Cables
  4. Camera Bags
  5. Soap Dispensers
  6. Kitchen Storage & Organizers
  7. Industry Grade Magnets
  8. Food Containers
  9. Adhesives
  10. Mylar Bags
  11. Shipping Supplies
  12. Cycling Accessories

And more to come!

Looking to place a unique order? We offer product customization. Simply fill out the following form.

Questions? Contact Us

Our representatives are available to answer any question that you may have.


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Office Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm EST

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